IQAir® HealthPro® 150


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 Best IQAir HealthPro
IQAir® HealthPro® 150
IQAir® HealthPro® 150
IQAir® HealthPro® 150
IQAir® HealthPro® 150
IQAir® HealthPro® 150

The Compact Allrounder

IQAir systems are used by world leading research institutes, hospitals and commercial institutions to provide targeted air cleaning solutions for critical environments. The IQAir HealthPro 150 offers the same outstanding technologies for the control of airborne allergens, pathogens, chemicals and odours in a compact format for use in residential and office environments.

Powerful Performance

The world’s only domestic air cleaner that has a HEPA filter which is classified in accordance with EN 1822. EN 1822 is Europe’s most stringent filter

test standard for hospital and cleanroom filters.

The world’s only domestic air cleaner which is individually tested and certified. Each IQAir HealthPro 150 is supplied with its very own hand-written certificate detailing the model’s test results.

Only uses effective and approved filtration technologies (absolutely no ozone generation):

PreMax™ MG – This combination pre- and gas-filter element features a pre-filter surface of 1.9 m2 (class F8) and 1.0 kg of MultiGas™ granular dual-media that removes a wide-spectrum of chemicals, gases and odours.

HyperHEPA® – Filter features a filter surface of 5.0 m2 of hospital grade HEPA filter media (class H12/13).

Filtration efficiency of ≥ 99.97% at 0.3 microns and ≥ 99.5% for even the smallest particles (e.g. viruses).

Superior Long-Term Performance and Low Cost Operation

• Extra long filter life due to large capacity filters.

• Lower running costs due to fewer filter changes.

• Low electricity consumption due to capacitor switching.

Exceptional Control Features

• Automatic timer allows programming to suit the user’s individual needs (e.g. night time or office hours only).

• Intelligent filter life monitor calculates when it is time to replace filters, taking actual use, actual fan speed and

preset pollution levels into account.

• LEDs on the control panel signal which filters need replacement.

• Selection of 6 fan speed settings with top air delivery of 350 m3/hour (with all filters installed).

• Remote control and Mobility Pro casters.

Top Quality

• 3 year warranty (1 year if used for commercial/professional purposes)

• Tough ABS housing construction (out-gassed)

• Powerful centrifugal fan certified for non-stop use – Free-flow rate: 1200 m3/hour.

• Patented housing design

• Patented filter design

• 100% Swiss Made

Unique Adaptability

A wide range of IQAir accessories allows customisation of the IQAir HealthPro 150 to fit individual needs: Wall mounting bracket (VMF™), positive/negative pressure ducting adaptors (InFlow™, VM InFlow™, OutFlow™), coarse dust pre-filter (PF40).


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 Best IQAir HealthPro
IQAir® HealthPro® 150
IQAir® HealthPro® 150
IQAir® HealthPro® 150
IQAir® HealthPro® 150
IQAir® HealthPro® 150